Rhyme Time II

Welsh Relish (01/29/20)

I’m living for months here in Cardiff, Wales,
Learning Welsh language and literate tales.
The rain and the gales
O’er the riverside trails
Pale the travails and whatever my ails.

So into the pubs with their lagers and ales
My mate and I walk where we settle our tails.
The rugby guy wails
As his try to score fails
And our pub crawl continues over hills and dales.

An Orange Lament (02/02/2020)

It’s hard to be a devout Syracuse fan
For football and basketball games,
And yet I have been one from boyhood to man,
Ev’n memorized most players’ names.
Each team has been champion but once in my life,
For them there’s not repeated fame;
To root for those boys causes me naught but strife
As each season outcome is too lame.

For the Orange there is no rhyme sublime,
To cheer for them leads one to gloom.
They’re just a bunch of unknown college guys
Who have never visited my room.
There’s no reason to care for their fates on the court,
On the football field they just meet doom;
As season records go seldom do they shine
Their legacy lies in a tomb.

A Political View? (02/06/20)

There is a young man named Farouk
Who behaved like something of a kook
He decided to vote
For a boat not afloat
For his ship that’s come in he mistook.

He could see the bipartisanship
That was robbing him blind at a clip
He supported a man
Who deserved to be banned
He’s mistaken to shoot from the hip.

Our world may be perceived as a topsy-turvy mess;
I’m disturbed at our prospects I must surely confess.
Most humans are kind and nice ‘cross the wide world
Yet at one another epithets are oft’ hurled.
“Make war, not love” is what our leaders profess
And their personal lives o’erflow with sins they express
We exaggerate powers of flags we’ve unfurled
With our values helter-skelter as by wind they’re twirled.

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