How now Coronavirus?

Put Coronavirus to Work For You!

–Do you feel that handshaking is overdone? Maybe you dislike the feel of clammy palms, tension too weak or strong, or a “miss” that squeezes your fingers. Perhaps you dislike high-fives with their occasional slaps of pain. Well, then take comfort in elbow bumps or cordial bows with others.
–Do you feel that your hand-to-face gestures have been overdone for years? Have you too often found your eyes, nose, and itches irresistible to your touch? Then it’s time for more self-awareness and greater self-restraint. Resist the impulses and keep your hands clear of your face. Splash your face with water or use a sleeve, cloth, or tissue to address your urges.
–Perhaps you have always engaged in hand-washing a little too often, at the level of OCD. Well, now you may indulge that drive with hand scrubs as often as you like!
–Maybe you’re not a “touchy-feely” person. You find hugging to be too frequently expected and mildly uncomfortable. You may now feel free to keep your distance from others without seeming rude or standoffish.
–Big crowds can feel unsettling. There’s a little “wallflower” in all of us. Well, it’s time to emphasize private over public life. Be a homebody. Indulge in more, rather than less, screen time. Let electronic communication rule over face-to-face contact.
–Vacation travel can be wonderful and refreshing. But it can also be expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful. It’s stressful to research and commit to travel reservations. Choosing what and how to pack can be a hassle. Air travel is fraught with long lines, the nuisance of TSA, nauseating turbulence, seat discomfort, and fears of infection. Stay home! Visit other places with the aid of movies, TV, videos, books, photographs, and your imagination.
–What is the status of your home to-do list? Do you wish you had more time for chores, to catch up with some overdue tasks? Self-quarantine may provide you the time to overcome procrastination, get things done, assuage your guilt, and improve the quality of your home life.
–You might be a “sports nut”. You spend too much time whiling away hours attending sporting events or viewing them on TV. Well, not to worry. Nearly every major sporting event, pro or amateur, has been put on hold indefinitely. It’s time to roll out some home repairs, exercises, and/or worthwhile hobbies as substitutes and worthy uses of your time and energy.
–Stock markets and businesses worldwide are crashing. The coronavirus is running amok and wrecking the economy in many ways. So, buy low. It might be a good time to invest in stocks and mutual funds at bargain prices.
–What if you have the misfortune of contracting a COVID-19 infection? Most people have mild symptoms that are readily defeated by the immune system. The antibodies thereby generated subsequently give you immunity from the disease in the future!
–As Alfred E. Neuman always said in Mad, “What, me worry?”.


It’s not that there’s merely a fungus among us.
Instead there is a coronavirus to tire us.
It’s not simply some humdrum bacteria
To pick up in the local cafeteria.
This is a serious and dangerous germ
That’s severe enough to make us squirm.
Due to a pandemic that can easily spread,
We strive to be cautious to stay safe, not dead.

Our immune systems function best when we are relaxed,
Whereas hysteria and panic make us feel overtaxed.
While it’s hard to keep up with news we should know,
It’s best to chill out and just go with the flow.
It’s better to breathe than to hold onto one’s breath,
Lack of oxygen’s being a sure way toward death.
From people and events we feel tempted to scurry,
But instead remain calm, best to defuse your worry.

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