Stuck and Moving

How can I write something interesting and meaningful for my blog when we humans of the world feel mired in a bog, our vision obscured as though in fog? As a psychologist, I want to post a message that could help, but all I want to do is yelp! We’d like to bring down the curtain on feeling so uncertain. We feel so dour in the absence of a sense of power. In the political and medical authority figures we feel that we must convey trust, whether or not we think they’re fair and just. We must embrace this ongoing death threat at the same time that many individuals and businesses are sinking into deep debt. We want to stay safe, but the restrictions chafe. It’s so hard to stay patient with the status quo when we’re in the dark, out of the know. However . . .

Articles of advice have popped up in all sorts of publications. The suggestions have validity and worthwhile applications. We can cope. There is hope. Although the larger circumstance, the Coronavirus, rages beyond our reach, we can maintain a sense of self-control that it cannot breach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches that internal and external factors may readily trigger our anxious, fearful, bored, worried, fretful feelings, but need not impede the processes in our heads that can conjure up positive thoughts and healings. If Viktor Frankl could survive a Nazi labor camp by freely regulating his brain, then we can devise positive ideas that help sidetrack us from our down-bound train. Attend to the present tenses and embrace the five senses. Tell the body to move to escape a monotonous groove. Though our restricted lifestyles deserve no superlatives, we can expand our behavioral repertoires into worthwhile alternatives. Want to get away? Then read, watch, walk, talk, listen, work, and play each day. Have your dog go fetch, with your kids play catch, and give your body a good stretch; if you want to complain, then kvetch. Get tasks done and then have some fun. We may feel alone, but there is always the phone. To our homes and favorite hangouts there’s no inviting, but to friends and relatives we have the option of writing. Our everyday lives may now be severely taxed, yet we still have the internal control to make ourselves relaxed. Be patient, not a patient. Let’s endure ‘til there’s a cure.

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