How for Who?

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to blanket us, its negative aspects far outweighing any fringe benefits from the societal shutdown. Humans are social animals; isolation is unnatural and stressful. Connect with friends and family. But if you are missing that certain someone in your life, here are some thoughts that may apply now and in the future:

As of today we all live in a limited era of social distancing and isolation,
When self-quarantine and broad business closures may cause us to feel desolation.
This heightens the chance that our social-emotional selves may feel uncomfortable gaps;
We hope that restrictions on sociable lifestyles soon will be able to lapse.

A widespread problem for many adults is that they too often feel lonely;
They’re tired of having to work, play, and share life alone and with themselves only.
Divorced, widowed, split or simply with no one with whom you’ve been living together,
We all have a drive to know that while alive, companionship makes most things better.

We know that there are countless folks out there who are in the very same boat,
But how do we meet the soul mate we seek to keep a relationship afloat?
Wherever we travel in our everyday lives, we don’t seem to encounter true love;
So we want to aim at a setting where we’ll find a partner who fits like a glove.

Taverns and pubs are places within which some strangers are likely to meet;
Loosened by drink with a person we might hit the floor to show off dancing feet.
However, beware of the hook-ups and alcohol; is that a good place for a match?
Is a guy or gal who depends on some booze someone whom you consider a catch?

As a counselor I often encounter this issue and try to help out if I can;
Common interest is where I typically start to formulate a good social plan.
What are your hobbies, what do you like to do, and where could you do it with others?
In a group or a troop, a bunch of like souls, you and he/she may find one another.

What if an interesting person could be in a store, the library, museum, or gym?
In such places we improve our odds of good luck to encounter special her or him.
An old-fashioned way, still viable today, a friend could set up a blind date.
Can’t wait? Maybe speed dating could be the source of a person with whom you’d relate.

In this day and age, folks are shopping for their partners via some websites online;
Matching values and traits, with photos and words, you might find a pairing real fine.
And virtual dating may be the only means during our currently forced separation;
Covid-19 rules our lives at the moment, ’til we eventually re-open our nation.

A significant other who’s perfect could be someone who’s difficult to discover.
Yet to “settle” for a mate after just a few dates could cause woe from which you must recover.
Do not give up, continue the search, since we all value intimacy,
But first love yourself, take good care of health, and feel grateful for your privacy.

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