Rhyme Time III

A Police Statement

Are cops rightful bosses over you and me?
Do the laws say that they may behave nastily?
To protect and serve
Takes admirable nerve
But they don’t have the right to act immorally.


Happiness is a goal pursued by everyone
An elusive state that is never quite done
We think we’re there but here’s the way that it’s spun:
If we frown, we lose; if we smile, we’ve won.

We’re saddened by rain clouds but brightened by sun.
Tedium weighs us down, so we’re searching for fun.
Excited to eat yummy cinnamon bun,
We’re scared that it could soon make us weigh a ton.

With money we’re upbeat; we’re down when we’ve none.
We’re sad when it’s over, glad when fun’s begun.
And so, friends, a tangled web is what I’ve spun:
Want a string of good days? Just be happy with one!


There once was a coronavirus
Who struck out to sicken and tire us;
We did our right tasks
By oft’ wearing masks
So that bug couldn’t readily mire us.

Five syllables of danger.
Wellness beats illness!

Step Lively

Nature and wildlife enhance one’s life,
To walk among them minimizes the strife
Of the pressure and stress,
The strain and duress,
Of which our existence is often too rife.

When we walk the walk
And talk the talk, we have good


Politicians rule
By immoral fists. Government
Of, by, for people?

And . . .

For an interesting and/or inspirational message daily, check out Jasmine Wallace’s blog at horsesandfairytales.tumblr.com. And don’t neglect to check Gary Larson’s thefarside.com.

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