Two Shades of Gray?

The Dark Ages were medieval times of relative misery and woe, with economic hardships and intellectual gaps blanketed by the Black Plague. We seem to have slipped back into those unenlightened times in our country the past several years, with scientific knowledge and civility being overshadowed by the modern-day threats of Covid-19 and fascism. The brightness of yang has circled into the dim world of yin, into a battle for control between polarized political camps. Despite the incidental improvement in air quality associated by less traffic worldwide in the midst of the viral threat, our natural environment has been under near-constant attack by our administrators in Washington, DC. Pure water, clean air, abundant wildlife, species diversity, and available green spaces enhance and sustain human life; anything not man-made and not money-making is not the enemy. The diverse citizenry of our country is not the enemy either, though a power-hungry core of authority figures wish disrespect, disenfranchisement, and even harm to countless Americans.

When will our national and global conditions improve? Partly when medical science develops an effective deterrent (vaccine and treatment) against the Coronavirus. Perhaps more importantly, there could be a cleansing of the political air if a new federal administration could be elected to replace the presently corrupt mismanagement team. Vote! It would also help if human beings could collectively wise up to the realization that we could all get along better, within our borders and around the globe, with more harmony and less fear, with an attitude of kindness toward humankind, and with cooperation to protect the lives and well-being of most plants and animals as well as humans. It’s good to have money; it’s better to have a healthy planet on which to spend it.

Our nation is under duress;
Each person must deal with much stress.
Here’s hoping we’re coping
And not merely moping,
Electing leaders who impress.

Don’t settle for less than the truth,
Or a dictator truly uncouth.
Our world deserves better,
Like an honest go-getter,
So choose right when you’re in voting booth.

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