Happier New Year

In their dynamic song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, The Who sing, “Meet the old boss: Same as the old boss.”  So far at least, 2021 is looking and feeling very much the same as 2020.  The Covid-19 pandemic is raging.  For the sake of risk management, we’re wearing face masks, observing social distance, washing our hands, and minimizing indoor time among others.  Takeaway food outweighs in-restaurant dining.  Sporting events may or may not be contested.  In-person entertainment is minimal.  School attendance is variable.  Travel remains sharply curtailed.  The political scene remains polarized and unsettled.  Overall, we seem to be spinning our wheels, stuck in unwelcome circumstances.  

However, as Bob Dylan sings, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”.  Everything in the universe is in constant motion, with some changes that are rapid and others that are imperceptibly slow.  The world turns.  Waters flow, plants and animals grow, and humans are impelled to move and learn.  Evolution happens.  We continue to crave freedom and plan to resume our “normal” lifestyles as soon as vaccines and other scientific remedies permit our doing so safely. 

2020 was not an entirely bad year, and we all know examples of its positive features.  Yet we’d surely like 2021 to offer improvement over our present conditions.  Let’s take positive action individually and wait patiently for the societal status to improve. 

Personally, my novel (Holy Rollers) will be officially published and widely available on 1/5/21.  As the situation warrants, I will drum in The Island Band, roll into more aikido training, confer with clients indoors and outside, and perhaps try to rejuvenate my golf game.  Travel is on the agenda with the intent of interacting with family and friends as well as seeing the sights.  And maybe I will periodically write segments for this blog.  

Have a healthy, harmonious, and maybe happier 2021!  

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