Prime Rhyme Time

Emerging from my brain fog, I’m attending to my blog;
A creative lapse, not Covid, is what caused writer’s block.
My stream of consciousness is now ready to unclog
As a flow of self-expression I feel prepared to unlock.

Our country and the whole wide world are often such a mess
That we personally feel too much uncomfortable distress.
Our sympathetic nervous systems feel state of alarm
And it’s calmness that we need, relaxation is the charm.

Real dangers lurk around us, of that we can be sure
But it’s unreal fears that mainly hurt and block us from a cure.
The news and other media show us every tragedy;
They trigger us to be upset, inured to comedy.

To find out what we need to cope we don’t need a detective;
We need to use our minds to gain a logical perspective.
More importantly, though, is the role the body plays;
Relax all muscles and you’ll find there’s nothing that dismays.

“M-m-m-my Corona”:

We’re springing toward summer
In a year that’s been a bummer;
It’s no time to drive a Hummer with our friends.

There’s still virus in the air
That causes folks much despair;
Only Mother Nature knows when this crap ends.

Most have taken lots of shots,
We outnumber the have-nots,
We believe that vaccine is what best defends.

It’s time to set aside our fears
To richer life we’ll shift our gears
So let’s make common sense and science into blends.


It’s funny you should ask:
Must I still wear a facemask?
Covid still takes us to task,
So wear one unless you’re drinking from a cask or flask, or if at the beach in the sun you relax and bask.

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