I wish that I could say for sure that what I write is true
About the huge uncertainty that bothers me and you.
Is Coronavirus strengthening or starting to decay?
When will it be safe to mingle with friends night and day?

Some think it’s a conspiracy, a hoax, and great big lie,
But evidence suggests that it’s real risk that folks do die
From exposure to the virus in unsafe social milieu
Where our masks and social distancing some careless folks eschew.

We all know we should wash our hands and keep our hands off face,
But the fear is so chaotic all across the human race.
Some of us are scared to death while others are blasé,
And our leaders can’t agree on the advice they have to say.

Fear of the unknown is an uncomfortable emotion
Yet we can’t see what’s ahead while adrift on this rough ocean.
At the same time we’re afraid we’re also bored out of our skulls,
And the jobless rate is making lives impoverished and dull.

The truth is no one can tell us about the future clear;
In fact we can’t go back to re-judge choices no more near.
Anxiety accompanies our lack of clarity;
We hope that God and Mother Nature show us charity.

So how should we behave when we can’t know what lies ahead?
Safety first and patience can reduce the risk you’re dead.
So must we face the future with an awful sense of dread?
No way! Make the most of today and eat your daily bread.

Walk. Appreciate nature. Breathe the cleaner air. Hug your loved ones near, and write to those afar. Connect online and on phone. Eat a healthy diet; take multivitamins as needed. Read. Wellness depends on common sense. Wear a mask and keep social distance as needed. Expect the best, though accept reality. And know that, according to Shel Silverstein (“True Story” in Where the Sidewalk Ends), things could be worse:

This morning I jumped on my horse
And went out for a ride.
And some wild outlaws chased me
And they shot me in the side.
So I crawled into a wildcat’s cave
To find a place to hide,
But some pirates found me sleeping there,
And soon they had me tied
To a pole and built a fire
Under me – I almost cried
Till a mermaid came and cut me loose
And begged to be my bride,
So I said I’d come back Wednesday
But I must admit I lied.
Then I ran into a jungle swamp
But I forgot my guide
And I stepped into some quicksand,
And no matter how I tried
I couldn’t get out, until I met
A water snake named Clyde,
Who pulled me to some cannibals
Who planned to have me fried.
But an eagle came and swooped me up
And through the air we flied,
But he dropped me in a boiling lake
A thousand miles wide.
And you’ll never guess what I did then –

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