Holy Rollers

Holy guacamole! My first novel, Holy Rollers, has hit the printing press and will soon be distributed by Mascot Books, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram. Widespread availability will include amazon.com, Barnes & Noble (bookstores & online), Books-a-Million, Chapters Indigo, the Colgate Bookstore, select local shops (inquire for specific store), and yours truly. Your feedback and reviews would be welcomed. I will be available for book signing events when the pandemic abates and sites permit, probably in 2021.

Years in the making, Holy Rollers is a story of crime fiction (serial killings) with crossover themes such as golf, psychology, aikido, action, romance, and humor. My intent in writing this story has been to entertain and educate, to express myself and make readers smile. It may not be a masterpiece that gets nominated for the Pulitzer or Nobel Prize, but I think that you might enjoy reading it.

I’ll post an update when the book actually hits the marketplace. Until then (and beyond), let’s practice safe socializing and healthy living.

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