Rolling Along

Rolling Out

I hope you don’t think I’m a schnook
For publishing another book.
I hope that you’ll ponder
To bookstore a wander
To add it to your reading nook.

Holy Rollers is now out for sale,
A suspenseful yet amusing tale.
You’ll read about guys
And gals with some surprise,
With our heroes on the bad guys’ trail.

With an official publication date of 1/5/21, Holy Rollers is already available via Mascot Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and presumably other booksellers as distributed by Mascot, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram. Crime fiction is the primary genre, but themes of golf, psychology, aikido, romance, action, and humor swirl among the main, sinister plot. I hope that readers enjoy this bit of “edutainment”, learning a few things and smiling along the way. I’ll be planning book launching and/or signing events for 2021, by Zoom if not in person. Reader reviews and feedback would be welcomed.

May Biden Abide!

Our people have spoken, the votes have been totaled, and it’s time for a new President,
Who will correct the direction the US may take, and forget Mister Trump came and went.
Our nation is hurtin’, that much is for certain, our values and morals got bent.
It’s time for a shift for democracy’s sake, for an honest and sane government.

The season has dawned for a good climate change, not the kind that is killing the Earth;
The weather in DC has been boiling hot, temperamental, and without true mirth.
We’ll see if Joe can deliver the goods, and prove his and Kamala’s worth.
Government of, by, and for the people is what we could witness rebirth.

‘Tis the Season

There soon will be some wintry storms
That whiten our houses and dorms.
We’ll bring out our skis, skates,
And snowboards galore,
Until next spring weather re-warms.

Christmas and New Year’s will soon
Bring us cheer after viral gloom.
With gaiters and masks
On for holiday tasks,
We won’t let Covid bring us doom.

Let’s greet changing times with an eye toward success,
No matter the weather just dress for less stress
Get outdoors each day
For some natural light,
Then get cozy indoors for the dark night’s caress.

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