Roaming & Rhyming

A quick search via Google shows that our planet rotates at 1,000 miles per hour and revolves around the sun at a speed of 67,000 mph, while our whole solar system is revolving around the Milky Way galaxy at a rate of 490,000 mph.  We earthlings amazingly stay on balance despite those movements (thanks, gravity!), yet we change in various ways in keeping with the motions of the universe.  Are our natural changes fruitful and appreciative of life on our precious garden planet?  Yes, to some degree, but people also engage in petty quarrels, jealousies, rivalries, confrontations, and outright wars.  Can’t human beings simply feel how great it is to be alive?  Can’t we attain international, inter-racial harmony and make the most of our miraculous existence?  Alas, nature includes disagreements, inequities, and struggles for supremacy in our dog-eat-dog world.  How sad.  World peace should be a realistic goal, not an unattainable ideal.  We should be grateful for our fast-moving planet.  Let’s cooperate to cope not only with the Coronavirus pandemic, but also with the dreadful consequences of climate change caused by human life.  

The Coronavirus has gone viral;
It can put you into a death spiral.
If it came with some music
It might be like jazz that
Sounds like it’s old Spiro Gyral.

2021 is the year just begun
When we all hope to have some more fun.
With distance and masks
We’re left with the tasks
To create some play better than none.

Might this be the winter of our discontent?
Could now be the time we regret and resent?
Try to make the best
Of this situation lest
We feel worse about how our life’s spent.

From animal shelters it’s rained dogs and cats,
To live in our homes and keep them clear of rats.
We love our dear pets
Despite our debts to vets,
And they are cuter than vampire bats and gnats.

How are we doing on New Year’s resolutions?
Have we accomplished personal revolutions?
To change for the better
Just be less a fretter;
Forget about Dr. Jim’s circumlocutions.

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