Aiki Haikus

Aiki means to have
Harmony with nature and
Full relaxation.

Keeping one-point is
Awareness of centering;
Stay in good balance.

Settling down in
Union with gravity blends
Stable with agile.

Letting your ki flow:
Manifest energy and

Best self-defense is
By winning without fighting,
Blending with forces.

Fighting is right if
It leads combatants into
Peaceful harmony.

Moral behavior
With least force necessary
Leaves no injuries.

Kengis and jogis
Make good use of wood, as in
Self-defense katas.

Kenjutsu is the
Art of the samurai, so
Let’s shout a kiai!

Haiku Tommy

Tsunami Tommy
Can bark like a thunderstorm.
My tinnitus grows.

Shrill are the sound waves
That crash upon my eardrums
From canine wild child.

His sharp teeth nibble
My flesh, play and affection
Now more than violence.

Truth about Tommy?
He’s lovable through and through,
Sweet and loyal too.

Food for Thought

Beans and franks, they can’t
Be beat. Nutritional, no,
But tasty to eat!

Breakfast cereals –
Layers of carbs, fiber, and
Sugar with milk. Yum!

Veggies and fruits can
Give you the toots and good health
Right down to your roots.

Wholesome foods fuel the
Body and mind alike; eat right
Each and every bite.

What greater pleasure
Exists for your mood than the
Taste of gourmet food?

One thought on “Aiki Haikus

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